Prime Denture Clinic

Brian Ko and Patrick Marcelo of Prime Denture Clinic in New Westminster understand the significance of a patient’s decision to get dentures.

After all, it can impact the way a patient looks, the way they eat, the way they speak, even the way they smile—which is precisely why they take such a meticulous approach to preparing the right solution for each patient, whether it’s partial dentures, full dentures or implant-supported dentures.

“We are very detail-oriented,” says Marcelo. “We consider the high standard acrylic-based materials that we use to be more durable and more natural looking, so the result is a more natural smile rather than an artificial looking set of dentures.”

Ko and Marcelo took over the Maria Green Denture Clinic in October 2014. With years of valuable experience as dental technicians creating crowns and bridges, designing dentures was a natural progression for the talented duo.

“We use quite a few precision techniques,” says Marcelo. “And we take a lot more measurements than the average denturist. With our backgrounds, we are able to better understand the concept of a more natural bite.” 

Prime Denture Clinic specializes in implant-supported dentures. When implant-supported dentures are inserted into the mouth, they are attached to titanium rods that are anchored to the patient’s jaw. The result is a tighter fit and a more stable bite.

Not sure what approach is right for you?

Marcelo is quick to point out that new patients can receive a free consultation at Prime Denture Clinic and a no-pressure approach.

“Our patients leave feeling really happy with what they have been provided,” he says. “We don’t push for something they don’t need. We provide them with the best possible options and let them decide what’s best for them.”

To find out more about Prime Denture Clinic or to schedule an appointment, visit their location at suite 203 - 624 Sixth Street in New Westminster, browse their website at, email or call 604-521-6424. 

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