Profiles of Excellence: Royal City Health & Manual Therapy Inc.

When it comes to health, trust is paramount. And building that trust takes knowledge, skill and expertise, combined with caring staff and a commitment to excellence – all of which are cornerstones at Royal City Health & Manual Therapy.

The clinic’s approach has given them a phenomenal reputation in the community along with business longevity – they’ve been in operation for nearly 25 years.

“We want to be the place to go for the best service in town,” said Jeanie Bezdan, managing partner of Royal City Health. “Excellence means aiming to the very best that you can be. For our clinic, that means continually striving to offer the most welcoming greeting when a client walks in, to give them the highest quality treatment, and to make the client really feel cared for.”

The clinic offers a range of services to help people with their pain, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, clinical counselling and dietitian services. They also offer a range of care beyond the typical musculoskeletal injuries, with therapists who treat vestibular issues, gastrointestinal problems, and craniosacral therapy for migraines and headaches. Bezdan and her business partner Rick Tkach lead a team of seven massage therapists, six physiotherapists, a dietitian, and a clinical counsellor, along with office staff.

“We are a close-knit group, and have several practitioners including front staff who have been with us long-term,” she noted. “We look for people who not only have the experience we require, but also are keen to collaborate with other practitioners and work well together.”

Bezdan notes that she came to this field thanks to a lifelong interest in how the body works. She already had a degree from SFU with a minor in kinesiology when she met Tkach while he was studying for his board exams for massage therapy.

“That’s how I got interested in this profession. Massage therapy is a fulfilling career for me as it offers diverse continuing education opportunities, all with the goal of helping clients restore their optimal function.”

For many people, the first interaction with Royal City Health might come after an injury or a new condition has arisen, or by referral from a physician, but others rely on the clinic for ongoing health care services.

“We have clients who have made coming to our clinic an important part of their regular health maintenance routine,” notes Bezdan. “They feel welcomed by our staff and comfortable in our clinic and we are honored to know they feel this way and very pleased that we can provide that service to them.”

In fact, word-of-mouth referrals have been a significant contributor to their growth.

“The biggest compliment is for clients to recommend us to their friends and loved ones.”

The clinic is located inside Royal City Centre, which Bezdan says has proven an ideal spot that’s well-maintained, bright, and easy to access.

“And there’s plenty of other services nearby for our clients,” she said, noting that nearby restaurants and shops also encourage foot traffic, allowing more people to learn about their location.

Bezdan says their whole team hopes to continue into the future as they have in the past: through continuous education and new technology, with a team of staff who have a keen desire to help, and a constant focus on building trust with each and every person who comes through the door.

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