Restoring balance through acupuncture

Modern office workers often find themselves out of balance due to workplace expectations and conditions. Stress, a poor diet, and a lack of exercise only compound the problem.

So what do you do?

“Acupuncture can help restore our natural balance and improve health and wellness,” says Doreen Hill of Doreen Hill Acupuncture. “By using acupuncture to restore the energy balance, the impact on the immune system is reduced, pain and tension are eliminated and life is enjoyable once again.”

How does acupuncture help restore the energy balance in the body?

“Think of it like blood circulation,” Doreen explains. “Energy has its own space in the body, but it flows like blood. If you have a lack of energy flow to a part of the body, you’re going to have a reduction in health, which can eventually lead to fibromyalgia or other chronic disease. Acupuncture, working through 400 pressure points on the body, puts that energy imbalance back into alignment.”

Workers in high stress environments often suffer from low energy due to a number of factors including stress.

“Ultimately they are in a state of imbalance—that’s the primary issue,” Doreen says. “And acupuncture can be a part of the solution to restore the balance and improve overall health and wellness.”

The solution is ultimately to bring back balance in all aspects of life including exercise, food choices, fun, and rest, Doreen says. Acupuncture can help that process.

“My business is about helping people restore their health and move along in their wellness journey,” she says. “For some people, pain keeps them awake at night. They’ve forgotten what it feels like to not have pain—all they want is the pain to stop so life can resume.”

“I want to help them achieve that goal through the use of acupuncture.”

For more information on Doreen Hill and her acupuncture treatments, visit her office at 630-5th Street, New Westminster, check out her website, drop her an email, or give her a call at 778.231.2565. You can also find Doreen Hill Acupuncture on Facebook.

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