Skin damage? Four popular corrective medical procedures

Skin wellness can become increasingly difficult with age.

But according to Dr. Steven Blyth of Polo Health and Longevity Centre, there are more options than ever for people to consider when it comes to the health and appearance of their skin.

“When there are obvious signs of aging such as wrinkling, sagging of the facial skin or discoloration of the pigmentation on the face, a corrective approach would typically be needed,” Dr. Blyth says. “Fortunately, today there are many safe options to choose from.”

Here are four procedures Dr. Blyth suggests considering:

1.    Botox – “This is what is known asa neuromodulator,” Dr. Blyth says. “When we repeatedly use our facial muscles over the years it can lead to wrinkling, frown lines between your forehead, and laugh lines (crow’s feet). Botox temporarily paralyzes and relaxes those muscles and it serves a smoothing sort of effect. It’s an option either if you want to prevent wrinkling or if you’re looking to smooth out established wrinkles that have built up over time.


2.    Dermal filler– This rejuvenating injection serves as a great way to regain and replenish moisture and hydration within the body, says Dr. Blyth, and it delivers a fuller appearance.


“Typically these are used for the lips when we want to regain a fuller and more rounded look,” Dr. Blyth says. “When we have deep established wrinkling or lines or want to regain a certain figure, a filler would be a good choice.”


3.    Microdermabrasion– An alternative to a facelift is the much less intrusive microdermabrasion.  In this procedure a small instrument with diamond-shaped beads attached to it ‘sand away’ the top layer of your skin.


“Over the years we accumulate a lot of dead skin or scarring that can make it look dull, wrinkling and discoloured,” Dr. Blyth says. “This is an overall facial treatment to give you a younger, brighter, healthy look to your skin.”


4.    Micro-needling:  If a collagen deficiency is the issue, a micro-needling treatment may be the answer.


“There are multiple small needles that we use to puncture the skin to stimulate collagen growth with micro-needling,” Dr. Blyth says. “Collagen is huge for skin health but as we get older it dwindles and thins out. That leads to wrinkling, to our face drooping and to an overall decrease in collagen volume. Micro-needling acts as a corrective measure.”

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