Take control of your smile with cosmetic dentistry

While there’s much to be said for tradition and history, gone are the days when dentist’s offices served as a last-resort for toothaches. Also gone are the days when crooked, yellowed teeth were forgiven aspects of personal hygience. Today, dentists play a much more active role in their patient’s life and cosmetic dentistry is a standard practice in personal health. At his office in Burnaby Square, Dr. Stuart Katz explains what cosmetic dentistry is all about.

“Unlike typical dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry is self-driven by the patient,” says Dr. Katz. “It’s important that the dentist listen clearly to the issue and then transparently explain options, processes, and costs.”

As technology increases, so do patient’s options. Many patients are opting for Invisalign®, a more comfortable alternative to braces. Dr. Katz explains: “Patients with Invisalign are fitted with clear plastic trays that are nearly invisible as they re-shape the toothline.” This is a perfect alternative for active professionals.

A wise dentist advises the appropriate procedure for each patient. “Because Invisalign® comes with a long list of instructions, and can be removed, young people and some adults find braces to be a better option,” Dr. Katz says. The ultimate power to fix one’s smile lies in each patient. “Cosmetic procedure are those that people want done. If a patient is happy with their teeth, we’re perfectly happy, too. But if a patient wants to fix a crooked tooth, or make them a bit whiter, it’s my duty to provide options.”

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