Waddington Wealth Management Group: Trusted, local, independent

While many investors turn to a professional for a second opinion on their portfolio, Quinn Waddington’s wealth management clients are also connected to trusted advice on their wills, retirement and estate planning, and even mortgage rates.

“We have a deep connection to our clients.” says Waddington. “Recommending investment solutions is just a part of what we do. First, we work to understand all of their needs and circumstances so we can build an overall strategy that truly fits their goals.”

Quinn leads the Waddington Wealth Management Group, an advisory practice at independent investment firm Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management.

“When we work with a client, we run a detailed financial plan to see what works best—charities, inheritance, real estate, you name it,” says Waddington, a Certified Financial Analyst with over eight years of industry experience. “We pride ourselves in being our clients’ go-to-resource for all their financial planning needs.”

Because Waddington Wealth Management Group continuously seeks out the best possible option(s), Waddington points out, their clients end up with personalized plans that that aim to provide lower costs and higher returns – a service that can add significant value for individuals and families concerned with the future of their wealth.

Waddington Wealth Management Group also has the benefit of beingpart of a leading independent firm. “We can recommend investment products from the banks if we feel it makes the most sense to do so, but we also have the flexibility to recommend solutions from just about every other provider as well,” says Waddington.

Born and raised in New Westminster, Waddington has long-standing roots in the community from years of participation in various sports, clubs and charity events, and is an active member of the Royal City Rotary Club and the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce.

“New Westminster is a vibrant, close-knit city, which is why I’ve chosen to raise my family here,” says Waddington. “It’s really a privilege to work with the people of my community.”

To find out more about Quinn Waddington and Waddington Wealth Management Group, visit http://www.waddingtonwealth.com/, call directly at 604-699-0874, or email quinn.waddington@canaccord.com. You can also find Waddington Wealth Management Group on Facebook and Twitter. Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management is a division of Canaccord Genuity Corp., Member – CIPF and IIROC.

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