Have you been putting off preparing your Will or finishing your Estate Planning?

If so, you’re not alone. The vast majority of us don’t attend to our Will and Estate Planning until something happens that forces us to act.

“It is not a subject that people like to talk about and it usually takes the birth of a child or the death of a family member to motivate people,” says Andrew Liggett, a lawyer with SEA TO SKY LAW. “As a result, people can be very ill-prepared.”

Firms such as SEA TO SKY LAW provide guidance and support with simple and complex Wills, Power of Attorney documents, Representation Agreements, Living Wills, Estate Administration, and Will Variation Disputes.

“The Will is only one of the documents needed in the estate planning process,” Andrew says. “Health planning is actually more urgent.”

It is part of what SEA TO SKY LAW refers to as life-planning. Everyone should have a Power of Attorney and a Representation Agreement, for example, documents most people don’t know much about.

“The old saying is that a Will speaks from death,” Andrew says. “It does not give authority before death.”

Experienced lawyers like those at SEA TO SKY LAW address clients’ health decisions by asking a lot of “what-if” questions. Representation Agreements can be more daunting psychologically, but they are very important to have in place.

“Most people do not attend to this aspect of life-planning, perhaps because they are uncomfortable thinking about it. But it is part of personal planning that really should be done. It is not like a car accident that might or might not happen. The vast majority of us are going to be sick before we die. It is just a part of nature.”

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