Letter: Tour de France wannabes are a menace on Burnaby pathways


Something needs to done regarding the abuse of road and shared pathways by cyclists.

Obviously it is not the majority of cyclists, but it is a fairly large minority of them.

The BC Parkway bike route can have its "moments," but sections of the Central Valley Greenway are verging on parody.

That people (both pedestrians and other cyclists) are not seriously hurt or worse is just a matter of time.

Not just speeding … but also the rampant disregard for stop signs and red lights.

It is almost as if these clowns believe that rules of the road and etiquette only apply to other people.

The offenders are easy to spot, they are almost always the "Tour de France" wannabes - the ones wearing spandex racing outfits.

Ways to curtail the abusive cyclist? Random speed checks and enforcement including stiff fines, as currently being done in Calgary.

Signage along the major bike routes warning cyclists to slow down and be respectful could also help.

Colin Elliott, Burnaby

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