10-year-old offers his perspective on living in a COVID-19 world

Nikola Williamson-Rooney, a Grade 4 student at Ladner Elementary, wrote the following essay during a recent tutoring session.

In it he provides a 10-year-old’s perspective on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our daily lives.

There are many things I like and dislike about this time with Covid.

Covid is a virus that is spreading quickly around the world. Under a microscope it looks like a weird, plunger, bouncy ball. We have to stay inside and stay away from other people.

During Covid I have to be in isolation with my family.  Fortunately we don’t have Covid but we have to stay safe and not see others.

Some good things about this time is that I have no school and I don’t have a busy schedule anymore. I enjoy reading my Dave Pilkey, Harry Potter and other books. I also like having gaming time with my friend, Jack. I am also very excited about sleeping in, playing in my backyard and lots of TV time. 

Being in self isolation makes me really sad because I miss so many things. I miss seeing my grandparents, having face to face tutoring lessons, playing with my friends and going to school. I miss seeing my teacher when he is proud of our class and when he tells us math stories. I like how funny he is and how he comments about the mug I gave him. I am sad that I don’t have lessons with my kind swimming teacher, named Ben. I wish I could go back in time and play more at the playground and make more playdates with my friend Jack.

This experience of Covid has been good and bad for everyone around the world. I found this experience difficult but also pretty easy and fun. We will never forget this time of Covid but if it comes back we will be prepared and hopefully we will have a vaccine. I hope we will stay strong and fight to keep our communities healthy.

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