LETTER: The climate crisis is the most important issue this election

Dear editor:

I am a North Vancouver constituent and will vote in the upcoming federal election.

The most important issue for me is the climate crisis.

I voted for our Liberal candidate last election with the expectation that he and his party would address climate change. Promises were made and not kept, and four years later we are no further ahead on reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, Canada is now the owner of a pipeline and about to use our tax dollars to build infrastructure to support our reliance on fossil fuels.

I love our province of British Columbia – the waterways, wildlife and forests. I would like my children and grandchildren to enjoy the beauty and richness of our natural environment but I fear this will not be possible much longer unless we do something to stop sacrificing our water and land to enrich corporations.

I am committed to casting my ballot for a candidate and party who will protect our province and country.

I am begging politicians to stand up to the challenge of addressing climate change and to make this a priority. I want actions not just words that are easily discarded once elected.

The citizens of Canada are counting on the next government to plan and implement actions to make us a leader in combatting the climate crisis and to preserve our natural environment for generations to follow.

Sandy Rubin
North Vancouver

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