The North Shore’s Health and Wellness Stars

Ancient traditions have long understood the connection between the mind and body. But it is only in relatively recent years that North America has begun to realize this fact. Our go-go-go lives have taken a toll on our health, with rates of disease at an all-time high, and we are now forced to pay attention to how we treat our bodies to counteract these effects.

This is why we are seeing an array of yoga studios, natural health clinics, health food stores and spas opening in droves arounds the Lower Mainland, including in North and West Vancouver. It’s also why more and more people are seeking the help of nutritionists, fitness trainers, life coaches and counsellors.

But not every service provider is going to be a good match for you. Some might be too pricey, some might not offer the treatments you are looking for and others may simply not be a good fit. Still others might not be located in your neighbourhood or on your route home from work.

To find the treatment professional to suit your needs, you could ask a friend, family member or co-worker for recommendations. But wouldn’t it be great to have a one-stop-shop that listed all of the top health and wellness “Stars” in your area?

Enter theNorth Shore News’ Health and Wellness Stars program. Our lifestyle experts have curated a list of the top health and wellness providers that can help you uncover your best, most energetic self each and every day. The North Shore News’ Health and Wellness stars can be found here:

If you are based on the North Shore and you’re looking for a masseuse, a yoga teacher, a denturist, a personal trainer, or other health practitioner, this is the guide for you.

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