Killarney: The neighbourhood at a glance

When it comes to diversity in Vancouver, the neighbourhood of Killarney is about as mixed as it comes, likely due to its geography.

Killarney, which also includes the small community of Champlain Heights, begins at East 41st Avenue and Kingsway to the north, Boundary to the east, Elliott Street and Vivian Drive to the west, and is bounded by the Fraser River to the south.

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Killarney was one of the last sections of the city to be developed and, until after the Second World War, was still mostly second-growth forest. It wasn't until 1878 when British surveyor William Rowling was given a land grant that included much of the southern portion of Killarney that it began to be settled. That new development was due mostly to the expansion of the interurban streetcar line north of Kingsway.

A walk or drive along Kingsway today demonstrates the melting pot Killarney has become, with small businesses catering to a variety of ethnic Canadian communities ranging from Chinese to Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Japanese, South Asian, Caribbean, Filipino and more.

Directly across the neighbourhood, one of the highlights of Killarney is its proximity to the Fraser River, a working waterway linking municipalities along its shores. A stroll along the Fraser River walkway allows for sweeping views of the water, Mitchell Island, the Knight Street Bridge and the steady stream of barges, tug and fishing boats that traverse the river. Eagles and seals are a common site in and around the river, as are the many species of waterfowl that nest upon its shores.

According to the City of Vancouver, the total adult population of Killarney is 28,455, of which 57.2 per cent are immigrants. Of that 57.2 per cent, 18.1 per cent are from China, 10.4 per cent are from Hong Kong, 3.7 per cent are from the Philippines and 1.6 are from India. As well, 51 per cent are married, 30.4 per cent are single, 62.3 per cent own their home and 37.7 per cent rent. The total labour force in 2006 was 13,970 and the average annual household income is $64,189.

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