Yaletown: Neighbourhood numbers

11,600: Approximate population, according to the Yaletown Business Improvement Association. There are an estimated 56 men for every 44 women compared to the typical 49-51 per cent ratio across the city.

7.75: Dollars buys a 16-ounce sleeve of beer from the one off cask at Yaletown Brewing every Thursday night. The March 28 offering was an Imperial Irish Stout flavored with Moroccan dates and Jameson Irish whiskey, that packed a 9.5 per cent punch. The brewerys restaurant always offers at least seven other beers on tap, all made in Yaletown.

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83: Percentage of residents with some form of post-secondary education.

55: Dollars buys a 50 gram bag of Silver Needle Private Reserve tea from Teaja organic tea boutique. The white teas rarity comes from the fact that it can be picked only at certain times of year, in Zhejiang province. The tea is also sold by the cup, for $4, for sipping in the store.

400: Dollars will dress up your dog in a black leather Chunky Diamonds collar studded with Swarovski crystals, sold at Barking Babies. Dog collars start at $18, and range through a $195 Canadian-made offering from the Dog Tack Shop, complete with a solid brass buckle.

85: Dollars will get you a haircut and hot-towel, straight-razor shave, followed by a face, shoulder and scalp massage, at Farzads Barbershop. Barber Farzad Salehi started shaving customers in Iran 27 years ago. He and his motorcycle have been Yaletown fixtures since 2006.

2: Number of Salsa & Agave locations within the same block. Both Mexican restaurants are located on Pacific Boulevard between Davie and Drake.

3.50: Dollars buys a freshly shucked raw oyster at Rodneys Oyster House, a Toronto concept restaurant that expanded to Vancouver about 15 years ago. The nautical-themed eatery also features pan fried breaded oysters, as well as crab, lobster, clams and a host of other seafood. Wade on in for the Low Tide (happy hour) specials from 3 to 6 pm.

138: Dollars buys a pair of richly indigo-colored Mavi Gold brand ladies jeans. The jeans company, founded in Turkey in 1991, has stores in Yaletown and Kitsilanojust two of its 285 outlets around the world.

36: Percentage of households who earn more than $80,000 a year.

1,550: Dollars buys a 300mm mirror-finished Takohiki Byakko knife with octagonal ebony wood handle, and buffalo horn bolster and cap, from Santoku (three virtues) Japanese Kitchen Knife Store. Most of the shops customers are professional chefs who demand custom-made blades from blacksmiths in Japan; knives for the amateur cook start at $38.

150: Dollars goes up in smoke, but for the cigar afficionado, the Cohiba hand-rolled Gran Reserve is worth it. Each of these limited edition cigars is numbered. Lesser stogies start at $3.50 each at Revolucion, which also carries cuff links, liquor flasks and other gifts for the man who has everything.

75: Dollars buys a set of lashes at Noir Lash Lounge, which offers eyelash extensions in more than 100 varieties, plus lash dips for those who want to wave those [mascara] wands farewell. If eyebrows are more your thing, Bombay Brow Bar offers shaping and a forehead massage starting at $23 to the tune of a Bollywood beat on the salons TV.

225: Dollars keeps your head toasty in a brown leather bomber hat, lined with sheeps wool, from Goorin Bros., a hat company that got its start in 1895 in Pittsburg. The Vancouver Goorin outlet features somewhere between 400 and 500 hats in dozens of different styles and sizes, ranging from a $24 wool-cotton cadet cap on up.

99.90: Dollars buys you something to toast Yaletown with: a bottle of VSOP (very superior old pale) Champagne Cognac, made in France and 40 proof, from Yaletown Liquor Store. No matter what or when youre celebrating, the liquor store is open seven days a week, even on holidays.

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