Episode 36: Riverdale's Archie gets ripped, Betty and Veronica get complicated

Riverdale is not your mother’s Archie comics. Described as Twin Peaks meets Veronica Mars meets Gossip Girl, where Archie is ripped, Veronica is nice and Moose is sexually confused. An After School Special crossed with a vampire show (although there are no vampires).

Who is this show meant for? Is it a revisionist homage or a potpourri of previous and better shows? Is it an inconsistent mishmash? (Yes.) Does the show do anything well? Is it too weighed down with clichés? What about the friendship between Veronica and Betty – are they feminist heroes? Is Archie’s sexual relationship with his teacher creepy or hot or both? Why is Jughead such a terrible writer?

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And why does Cornelia think it’s a movie?

Plus Lightning Round and Fun Facts.

Cornelia Naylor, Jennifer Moreau and Cayley Dobie tiptoe warily through Riverdale’s dark, hormonal-laden streets to find out more.

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