Burnaby man who harassed ex-wife on revenge website arrested for probation breach

A Burnaby man who spent time in jail for criminally harassing his ex-wife through thousands of emails and a revenge website has been arrested for breaching his probation.

Starting in early 2014, Patrick Fox set out on a campaign to make the life of his ex-wife, Desiree Capuano “as miserable as possible, hoping to drive her to suicide if that could be done within the confines of the law,” according to B.C. Supreme Court documents.

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He created a website in her name, posting private information about her and people associated with her, maligning her as a white supremacist, drug addict and child abuser.

“Mr. Fox tormented Ms. Capuano in every way he could, taking considerable time and effort to do so,” stated a Nov. 10, 2017 sentencing decision by B.C. Supreme Court Justice Heather Holmes.

A jury found Fox guilty in June 2017 of criminal harassment and weapons charges.

(Fox had shipped four handguns, ammunition and a disassembled Mauser rifle illegally to the U.S., where Capuano lives.)

He was sentenced to three years and 10 months in jail, minus just over two years for time served.

He was also given three years’ probation, during which he was forbidden from contacting or publishing information about Capuano or her friends and relatives.

He was also banned from using the internet except for the purpose of employment or sending personal emails and forbidden to leave B.C. or get within 100 metres of the US border.

Now Fox has been charged with breaching those conditions.

A warrant was issued for his arrest on March 25 for failing to report to a probation officer, for leaving B.C. without permission and for getting within 100 metres of the U.S. border, according to documents filed in B.C. Provincial Court.

He was taken into custody by Burnaby RCMP yesterday.

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