Seth Rogen discusses TransLink announcements with Jimmy Fallon

Vancouver’s Canada Line is now internationally famous as Seth Rogen opened up about his transit recordings on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon this week.

Rogen, who had volunteered to record announcements for TransLink after a previous arrangement with Morgan Freeman was terminated, shared some thoughts on the recent gig with Fallon on Wednesday night.

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“I take public transportation…and people do appalling things on there and so I was like, if I can give announcements to help create any sort of decorum in this situation, I’m more than happy to,” said the Vancouver-born actor.

In a promotional video posted by TransLink, Rogen said "I do take the Canada Line all the time. I go to the Richmond Night Market a lot and parking there is incredibly difficult." 

Rogen said there was one particular announcement he was shocked he had to record.

“They give me the list of (the) stuff people complain about the most and one was people clipping their nails, toenails,” he said. “And I recorded a message to stop this behaviour.”

“Thank goodness!” replied Fallon.

Rogen said he was shocked that enough people do this that it warranted a public message.

“It’s not the place…it’s a horrifying thing,” he said, smiling. “If I stop one person from doing that it was worth the time and energy.”

One other Canadian city has also asked Rogen to record announcements for their transit system.

“Toronto got in on the action as well,” Rogen said. “They got jealous.”


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