Delish Brazilian comfort food just landed in North Burnaby

Chris Campbell

The wide array of different cultures represented on the Burnaby Heights restaurant scene has added one more.

A French bistro at Hastings and Gilmore has recently been transformed into Café Oca – a Brazilian bistro that focuses on comfort foods. This is a fine addition to a roster of eateries that include French, Italian, Greek, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Singaporean and more.

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Most Westerners when they hear the words “Brazilian food” will instantly think of Brazilian steakhouses in which they carve succulent meats right at your table (that really is such a nice thought, by the way).

But there’s so much more to Brazilian cuisine and Café Oca focuses on a few simple comfort items.

“It is our goal to create a special space for our Brazilian customers to experience the nostalgia of home, while also inspiring and connecting our Canadian customers with our culture,” reads a statement on the eatery’s website. “Our vision is to be established and trusted as the best Brazilian coffee bar in town and to be a leader in innovation, service, and quality.”

cafe oca
Empadinha - Mini Brazilian chicken pies with olives, cream cheese, hearts of palm, corn, and green onion at Cafe Oca in Burnaby. Cafe Oca photo

These include:

  • Coxinha - Deep fried potato batter with a chicken, cream cheese, and green onion filling.
  • Empadao - Brazilian chicken pie, with cream cheese, hearts of palm, corn, and green onion.
  • Empadinha - Mini Brazilian chicken pies with olives, cream cheese, hearts of palm, corn, and green onion.
  • Bauru - Pizza dough sandwich with ham, cheese, tomato, and Italian herbs.
  • Misto Quente – Brazilian grilled cheese sandwich
  • Pao de Queijo – Cheese balles with cassava flour

Add to that house-made desserts and pastries, such as various brigadeiros and lime cake.

Café Oca also has a full menu of coffees and teas, and Brazilian fruit juices. You can even get a glass of wine.

You can read more about the menu here.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by this restaurant to write about them. The owners don’t even know I am writing about them. I just love good food and sharing that love with readers.

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