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Edmonds Fine Appliances is an undiscovered gem in your neighbourhood. Located in the Maynards Block near the south end of the Cambie Street Bridge, Edmonds makes shopping for appliances effortless, enjoyable and close to home.

As General Manager Julie Hale explains, “Our customers are our neighbours. No more struggling through traffic to buy appliances from someone across town they may never see again. People like to know they have friendly, knowledgeable after-sales service and support right in their own local neighbourhood.”   

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Edmonds has been in its current location since 2013, but it has a proud 43 year history of only selecting appliances that give customers first-rate performance and value. Its staff has seen many different appliance shopping trends: from warehouse-style showrooms across town, to design studios, department stores and multi-purpose home improvement centres.

This experience influenced the layout and design of their current showroom. “We chose a clean look for our showroom,” Hale says, “so when customers are looking for new appliances, they can focus on the products rather than being distracted by displays of unrelated products like chandeliers or furniture.”

The same level of thought and dedication to the customer experience was put into all elements of the Edmonds shopping experience.


Before an item is selected for the showroom, Edmonds’ staff analyse the product’s quality, ‘need-for-service’ record and customers’ comments about the product’s reliability, ease of use and, most of all, value for money. Only then does the company select the brands and models for display.

“As with any product, even high-end brands may release a model that doesn’t quite match the standards we’ve set, so we’ll choose not to carry it,” Hale explains.


When you visit Edmonds, you will see many familiar, hand-picked brands and a few you may not have known about. Bosch, Miele, Wolf, Fisher & Paykel and Sub-Zero are a few. All are excellent quality, and a customer’s own experiences and preferences with a product are always considered in staff recommendations.


The need for a company to be cost-competitive is a given. In a time of high housing prices, when clients hear the words “fine appliances” and learn a store carries premium brands, they may worry Edmonds appliances 2about affordability. But whether a customer is looking for a base model or top-of-the-line appliance, Edmonds’ in-house team works within their needs to find exactly the right fit. From affordable to premium, products are chosen with customers’ lifestyle and budget in mind. The appliance(s) recommended to someone living alone will be very different than suggestions given to someone who is buying a suite of appliances for a large family.


“In a nutshell,” Hale says, “we believe our focus on performance and value, our friendly customer service and our determination to find the best fit for every client’s expectations and budget benefits everyone – customers and company alike.”


Edmonds Fine Appliances decided from the outset to structure its business around non-commissioned sales people.

“We wanted our consultants to base their recommendations solely on customers’ needs, preferences and budget. That way, a client can be assured they are shown a product that works best for them,” Hale says.

Effortless appliance-shopping experience!

“We want our customers to know that, regardless of price-point, they have chosen quality appliances that will best
fit their home and lifestyle,” she says.

One of the benefits of Edmonds’ working structure is that it fosters teamwork, not competition, among the sales staff who can work together with only the customer’s best interests in mind.


Appliance deliveries are managed in-house. The company chose, a long time ago, to use its own in-house delivery team rather than third-party companies so they can deliver at the customer’s convenience and provide the same level of service offered in the showroom.


All these customer-focused attributes have been essential to building the enviable reputation Edmonds Fine Appliances continues to enjoy in the Vancouver community.

General Manager Julie Hale sums it up best by reminding us of the company’s philosophy: “To give our customers the best possible experience, we knew we needed to stand out in all respects from other retailers. We want our customers to know that no matter how small or large their purchase, they will always have our support on use and care of the products we sell, long after those appliances are in their homes or offices.”


459 W 2nd Avenue,Vancouver, B.C. V5Y 0E8



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