Update: Richmond lotto winner still hasn’t claimed $60 million

Almost a month has passed since the $60-million Lotto Max draw, but there’s still no word on the winner.

The good news, however, is that the ticket-holder has plenty of time – eleven months and 10 days, to be precise – to claim their winnings from the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC). July 26, 2020 will be the last chance for the winner to cash in. 

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The record-breaking draw took place July 26, and someone who purchased their ticket in Richmond matched all seven numbers.

And while it has been close to a month since the draw, it’s not unusual for people to try to get their ducks in a row before stepping forward.

“The reason why some winners do take days or weeks is because they may be seeking advice from a financial advisor or from a lawyer in advance of claiming their ticket,” said Matt Lee, BCLC’s spokesperson.

The majority of winners claim their prizes straightaway, said Lee, but there have been some cases where winners don’t step forward, which was the case in Victoria last December when a winner never claimed their $1 million.  

There have also been cases where winners have waited until the very last day to claim their prize, Lee said.

But it’s also possible that the winner just doesn’t know that they have the golden ticket.

“You have to consider the possibility that there’s a winner for $60 million, and they still don’t know about it,” Lee said.

“It’s not uncommon for people to misplace tickets. We really encourage people to sign every ticket, even before the draw, because you never know (and) the person is responsible for that ticket.”

Lee urges everyone who bought a Lotto Max ticket to check their numbers, adding that they’ve had winners who’ve told the lottery corporation that they waited days or weeks before checking their tickets.

“I think the last thing anyone wants to see is the $60-million lotto ticket go unclaimed because no one knew they had a winner,” said Lee.

The winning numbers from the July 26 Lotto Max draw are 11, 15, 17, 20, 24, 25, 50, and bonus number 30.

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