Yes, go for a hike, but safely, says BC Search & Rescue Association

BC Search and Rescue Association says people wanting to venture outside during the pandemic should maintain social distance, plan their hikes and take safety measures

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You can still enjoy the outdoors — for now — during the COVID-19 pandemic, just do it safely, says the BC Search and Rescue Association (BCSARA).

Dwight Yochim, a Coquitlam resident and senior manager with BCSARA, said in a statement that people should hike in smaller groups to maintain social distancing and stick to trails they are familiar with.

“During these fast-changing times where everyone is looking to maintain social distance but keep themselves busy, many are turning to B.C.’s great outdoors,” Yochim said in the release. “BCSARA encourages you to enjoy what B.C. has to offer but would like to ask the public of B.C. to do their part to come home safe and follow these recommendations.”

He reminded outdoor enthusiasts that there are still winter conditions on the trails and people should have appropriate footwear, clothing and equipment. People should also build extra time into their hikes to ensure they are back before the daylight is gone. 

Yochim added that making a trip plan on the AdventureSmart trip planning app ( can help ensure hikers are able to return safely.

“If everyone takes these precautions, not only can you have an enjoyable, healthy and safe trip outdoors, but B.C.’s search and rescue volunteers will be ready to assist other if needed,” Yochim added.


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