Cyclist Disapproves of $6 Million For Pt. Grey Bike Route

To the editor: Re: "Pt. Grey decision about mode shift," Aug. 2. I believe the term mode shift is better termed "spin." I am a dedicated biker. I use both Point Grey Road and many other biking routes routinely around Vancouver; however, I just can't get my mind around the insanity of this push to convert Point Grey Road.

Why, oh why, are we embarking on a $6 million "alteration" to Point Grey road to shutter out cars in exchange for a bike only road when there is a fully utilized and perfectly good parallel bike route only 3 streets over? 3rd Ave 'Seaside Route' performs pretty much exactly what the 'pro' side has been pushing for all along, and hundreds of bikers use this route every day (I use it often). It is one of the most scenic bike routes in Vancouver -especially if you are interested in residential architecture. Anyone supporting this sort of taxpayer waste should give their collective head's a shake - and when they fall off, they should kick their fallen cranial cavities for good measure.

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Mayor Gregor Robertson and his merry band of councillors, most of whom are indebted to Joel Soloman and his Renewal Partners and their ideas for using our city as some sort of petri dish for their vision of urban nirvana, are doing nothing but creating conflict between the cycling community (of which I am a member) and the driving community. Why is it that just about every new idea they come up with is highly protested against, yet still continues to pass in council? I believe Vision in its entirety is hearing challenged! There is nothing "green" about spending tax dollars on senseless ideologies, but that is exactly what Vision stands for. If an idea has merit, then bring it on; but, most of what Vision continues to 'spin' is nothing more than Renewal Corp. slowly destroying Vancouver -one bike lane, one outrageously developer friendly mega -development at a time.

We used to have a very good network of bike routes before this council got elected, and now after implementing only a few very contentious bike lanes we have just created more contempt between bikers and drivers - all thanks to Vision Vancouver. We also used to have what was considered a world class city, and does anyone find it somewhat coincidental that our rankings have been in steady decline ever since these councillors took office?

Gerard Charlton


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