Dash cam footage shows near miss with Richmond pedestrian

Dash cam footage has caught another hasty driver in Richmond, this time putting a pedestrian at risk.

Allan Wilson posted a video to YouTube on Sunday, showing him driving down No. 1 Road. He then slows down to allow a pedestrian to cross at a designated crosswalk. As the pedestrian steps out onto the road, however, the video shows another car speeding quickly around him in the right lane.

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According to Wilson’s YouTube post, “the SUV behind (him) swerved around nearly hitting the pedestrian who had just started to cross. They were a N (Novice) driver.”

Luckily, the pedestrian jumped back and was not hit.

Crosswalk incidents continue to be an issue in Richmond, and one even led to the death of an 81-year-old pedestrian earlier this year. Some crosswalks are scheduled for an upgrade this year. 

The video now has more than 7,000 views. Wilson also shared the footage with Richmond RCMP on Twitter on Sunday saying, “had this near miss on a pedestrian crossing earlier today, thought it may be worth sharing with you guys.” 


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