Nature's Path takes business road less travelled by turning website into pipeline protest

It deliberately replaces home page with message against Kinder Morgan expansion

Just after the Liberal government announced it would buy the Trans Mountain pipeline and related infrastructure from Kinder Morgan for $4.5 billion, a Richmond company stepped forward to oppose this project.

Nature’s Path, an organic breakfast food company, turned off its website Friday and replaced it with a message to voice opposition to the proposed pipeline expansion in western Canada.

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"We believe renewable energy is the way of the future and therefore cannot support the proposed pipeline expansion project," the message read.

The company has also started a petition asking the Canadian government to walk away from new investments in fossil fuels and to instead invest in renewable energy.

The petition is sponsored by NDP MP for New Westminster—Burnaby and has raised about 200 signatures across the country to date.

"We believe businesses can be a force for good and have a critical role today in driving our future towards a low-carbon economy," said Jyoti Stephens, a second generation member of the family-owned business and vice president.

Nature’s Path invites people to create their own anti-pipeline messages on the company's website, with art contributed by local artists, and share these on social media to raise awareness about the campaign.

Stephens said the company believes access to clean water and food free of contaminants is a basic human right, however, the proposed pipeline expansion means a seven-fold increase in coast-to-port tanker traffic in Vancouver, increasing the risk of an oil spill, which can contaminate farmland.

"Unless we pipe up and collectively push for change, the planet we love remains at risk. We are asking people to help raise awareness for the need for renewable energy and to petition the federal government to say no to the proposed pipeline expansion," she noted.

Nature’s Path Foods, at 9100 Van Horne Way, is a company that has been producing solely organic food since its first day of business in 1985. Their slogan is, “always leave the soil better than you found it.”

It has a number of initiatives to promote clean energy including providing a $1,000 subsidy for the staff’s purchase of an environmentally-friendly car.

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