Richmond competes in Smart Cities Challenge

City hopes to tap into federal funding

The City of Richmond is competing in a national Smart Cities Challenge run by the federal government and they need your help on how to make Richmond smarter through innovation, data and technology.

The nationwide competition offers a grand prize of up to $50 million, two prizes of up to $10 million each and one prize of up to $5 million to participating municipalities, governments and Indigenous communities.

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Projects need to satisfy city requirements and utilize innovative technology. Priority areas include disaster mitigation, transportation and safety and security.

“Richmond is already committed to being on the leading edge of technical innovation through our comprehensive digital strategy,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie in a press release.

“The Smart Cities Challenge offers a huge opportunity for new funding to accelerate our objectives, while also providing a chance for us to work with residents, business and other stakeholders to imagine new ways in which our City can further take advantage of the promise of emerging new technology.”

The city has already started using technical innovations to enhance customer service and efficiency, such as the launch of different mobile applications for residents to stay better connected with the city.

If you have any ideas, please submit your opinion at before April 12, 2018.


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