Richmond says it's prepared for projected rising river levels

Daily assessments include visual inspections of its 49 kilometres of dike network

Despite the fears of flooding from rising rivers across southern B.C., the City of Richmond is not anticipating any major incidents.

The city is closely monitoring rising water levels on the Fraser River and is constant communication with the province’s River Forecast Centre, provincial emergency management agencies and neighbouring municipalities.

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It’s also conducting daily assessments of the potential flood risk, including visual inspections of its 49 kilometres of dike network.

The city has a stockpile of sandbags ready if needed, with capacity to produce more sandbags on short notice.

According to the city, “Richmond’s diking and drainage network is built to withstand a 1-in-500 year flood. That is well above current projected water levels as the result of this year's spring freshet and previous record high water levels.”

With the arrival of warmer weather and the impending holiday long weekend, the city is advising residents to exercise caution if they plan to be on or around the Fraser River.

Increased currents and the high volume of debris in the water pose significant safety threats to anyone who is in or on the river.

As river level forecasts are constantly changing, Richmond residents are advised to closely monitor local media for updates.

In the event of any increased risk for Richmond notices will be sent out the public via the media, the city’s website and social media channels.

Further information about possible flood risks is available on the Emergency Preparedness section of the city’s website at

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