Social media flooded with claims of ‘insurance fraudster’ at parking lots in Metro Vancouver

Multiple users have posted on Vanpeople, Reddit and REVscence forums about a man claiming to being hit by their car and asking for money for damages.

The users describe the incident as someone trying to bump their car, but then saying he was hit and asking for money. Similar incidents took place at Richmond’s Yaohan Centre, Richmond Centre and Metrotown shopping mall parking lots.

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Zeroone88 posted on Reddit yesterday about the incident at Metrotown:

“A couple of days ago I was backing out of Metrotown parking lot and I heard a knocking like sounds at the back of my car. I have a backup camera. I got out of the car and saw this guy pretending to be hurt, the first thing he said was do you want to call ICBC or settle. I immediately knew it was a scammer and started taking photos and called the cops shortly after. He started to book it when he saw we were calling the cops. Now my co-worker said the same guy is doing the same scam in Richmond and the guy in Richmond actually paid him a $100.”

Another user posted on REVscence of a similar incident at Metrotown on Feb. 5 as well.

Beyond Metrotown, an incident also took place at Yaohan centre in Richmond. User CLY posted on Vanpeople on Jan. 30:


“I was pulling out my car at Yaohan parking lot yesterday night, suddenly one man came up trying to bump my car.

“Luckily, my car has an auto-brake system. If something suddenly shows up vertically to my car, it will stop itself. Thus, my car braked.

“I saw from the back camera that he was pretending to fall and craw on the floor.

“I got off my car to ask him what happened, he asked money for medical treatment.

“I said I don’t have cash, but I can call ICBC. He then said he preferred not to contact ICBC, he just wanted some cash.

“I told him I didn’t have cash, but if he insisted I will call the police.

“He suddenly jumped up (not laying on the ground anymore), saying he just wanted $100

“My friend in the back seat was filming my conversation with him the whole time.

“The man then ran away quickly.”


Another user Dida also posted on Vanpeople Jan.30 about a similar event happened at Richmond Centre:

“My friend was at Richmond Centre T&T parking lot, somebody came up pretending to be hit.

“We said we can take him to the hospital or call ICBC, but he didn’t want either of them.

“He told us he wanted $500 in cash.

“My friend told him we don’t have cash, the man then pointed out saying there is a bank nearby.

“In the end, my friend said I will give you $50, if you don’t leave I will call the police. After that, the man left.”


Vanpeople forum user atommida commented on Dida’s post, saying they met similar incident two weeks ago and gave the “scammer” $100 at another plaza next door to Aberdeen center.

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