Tourism deal signed between B.C. and Chinese social media giant WeChat

WeChat, the largest social networking app in China — with more than 900 million daily active users — has struck a deal to promote tourism in B.C.

The agreement is the first of its kind in Canada and one of the goals is to foster a closer relationship between B.C. and China, said the province’s Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Lisa Beare.

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"We're incredibly excited by this agreement. It's a great way to kick off the Canada-China Year of Tourism and create opportunities that will benefit B.C.'s tourism operators,” said Beare.

The agreement was reached during Premier John Horgan’s visit to Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, which began last week.

"China is B.C.'s second-largest trading partner and an important part of building a strong, sustainable economy that works for people in B.C.," said Horgan.

Besides the WeChat agreement, the B.C. delegation and Guangdong officials have also explored ways that B.C. and China can collaborate on green solutions.

"China's transition to low-carbon development and a greener economy represents opportunities for co-operation between B.C. and Chinese companies to expand this important sector," said Minister of Jobs, Trade and Technology Bruce Ralston.

"By gaining first-hand understanding of Guangdong's priorities, we have been able to promote B.C.'s unique services and expertise and open doors for job-creating B.C. businesses in the clean tech sector."

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