Vancouver Humane Society urges stores to stop selling ‘cruel’ glue traps

The Vancouver Humane Society is calling on four major retailers to stop selling “inhumane” glue traps, which are used to get rid of rodents.

VHS has launched a petition aimed at Canadian Tire, Rona, The Home Depot and Walmart that will send email a message directly to senior management explaining why the traps should no longer be sold in stores.

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Glue traps are boards coated with a sticky material that traps but does not immediately kill the animal and causes it to slowly die of starvation. The society says the traps can catch other animals they were not intended for such as kittens or birds.

Fricker says people can focus on prevention by securing compost, ensuring bird feeders don’t spill over and sealing gaps in their walls to stop rodents from entering their home.

If all else fails, he says the traditional snap trap is at least more humane than glue traps because it kills instantly. Fricker says is important to contact a professional and determine what type of situation you have because, for example, traps come in different sizes and a mouse trap will only injure a rat.

VHS recommends the public use wildlife control companies accredited as AnimalKind by the B.C. SPCA to ensure they meet a set of animal welfare standards.

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