(Video) They named Burnaby's Mandarin Duck 'Trevor' after the fake terrorist in Iron Man 3

Chris Campbell

The rare Mandarin Duck – known as the “world’s most beautiful” or, as I call it, the Derek Zoolander of ducks – draws big crowds at both Deer Lake and Burnaby Lake.

This hot duck flies back and forth between the two lakes and draws photographers from around this province.

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But it’s the locals who come back again and again to snap photos and they have come up with a name for it, according to Burnaby photographer Glen Govier.

The name is “Trevor” after Ben Kingsley’s fake terrorist character Trevor in Iron Man 3. Kingsley’s character was an actor hired to be “The Mandarin” – a terrorist putting fear into the world.

Pretty cheeky.

Govier says that Trevor now has a girlfriend, which you can spot in the video he sent to the NOW.

“You can see Trevor has a Wood Duck girlfriend, and he chases away the male wood ducks,” Govier says.

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