Christmas cartoon splits readers

To the editor:

It's unfortunate that the cartoonist's depiction of Joseph and Mary's inability to access the inn due to the "wall" did not instead depict Joseph and Mary's empathy for the families of more than 1,000 Israelis who were murdered by Palestinian terrorists infiltrating Israel from the West Bank, especially through Bethlehem. He might have depicted their relief at knowing that terrorist attacks have diminished by 90 per cent since construction of the fence. Joseph and Mary would probably be disappointed the fence was depicted as a concrete barrier several storeys high, when 97 per cent of it is a simple chain link fence manned by surveillance cameras. And that where Christians were once the majority in Bethlehem, since Israel handed over control of Bethlehem to the PLO in the 1990s, Christians are leaving because they don't feel comfortable living as a tiny minority in their city. But hey, why mess with a sensationalist cartoon?

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Michelle Whiteman, Regional Director, HONEST Reporting Canada

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