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Re: "Sweet Spot: Cadeaux," Feb. 20.

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In the introduction to her piece on Cadeaux Bakery, writer Ea-granie Yuh mentions the bookstore/cafe Solder & Sons, calling it "twee." "Twee"?!? What kind of a remark is that? Solder & Sons is not some over-priced, frou-frou Gastown see-and-be-seen vanity shack. It serves a diverse range of folk who live or work in the Downtown Eastside. How? Great coffee or juice at an affordable price. And a clear lack of snobbery.

Now, I admit that Cadeaux Bakery makes a mean almond croissant. But, as with most things in the Downtown Eastside, it is the "artisanal" establishments that threaten true neighbourhood shops like Solder and Sons. Which, as the regulars know, is not twee at all.

Kevin Frazer, Vancouver

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