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Re: "City hall powerless in B.C. Place bright lights dispute," Oct. 7.

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In light of the global unrest that this whole planet is experiencing for many reasons and the general displeasure displayed by many people for many reasons by whatever means possible, it would be unwise for the provincial government to ignore the problem this sign at B.C. Place Stadium is creating for local citizens.

It seems that this giant screen is affecting the welfare of people directly in its glare. And understandably so. If it were me, I'd be extremely angry.

It's just another example of how government and corporate ventures can work together, overpowering the "little guy." A dangerous situation? Especially now, when corporate greed is being highlighted by public protests all over the world. The power of the ordinary person fed up by stuff they cannot control is hitting a critical stage and this power can be revolutionary.

It would not surprise me one bit if someone created major vandalism on this sign. If something like that cannot be fixed legally, it is quite possible that it will be "fixed" otherwise, somehow. Real activists (or "hoodlums" that some people like to call them) are not so uneducated as the drunken Stanley Cup rioters. They know whether they will or will not expose themselves to the light of our digital society.

Frances Dietz,


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