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To the editor: Re: "Marpole group seeks sixmonth extension for community plan," July 18.

As a resident and homeowner in Marpole for over 50 years, I was upset to find that the Marpole Community Plan Questionnaire omitted the Housing Boards 15 and 16 along with any place to voice our opinions. When I finally found the boards on the city website, the three and four-storey townhouses and other buildings proposed are so crowded together they make the future Marpole a rabbit warren considering the current increase in density taking place now.

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Come and visit our construction cranes! Our beloved, historic, peaceful, spacious Marpole is being wiped out! The deletion of the Housing Boards appears to be a grossly deceptive omission and gives us the feeling that this information was deliberately withheld from the citizens of Marpole. The whole initiative is misleading and dubious and should be scrapped. How can we trust Mayor Gregor Robertson and his Vision (or Blind) Council when they try to pull the wool over our eyes so blatantly. Time to go Gregor! Historic Marpole can grow very nicely at its own pace without destroying the character of its neighbourhoods.

Lyle Geary,


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