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Re: "Park board seeks control of Hastings Park," May 31.

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I am a resident of Hastings-Sunrise and live within walking distance to Hastings Park. For years I have been following the community struggle with the powers that be over what will become of Hastings Park. When park board commissioners agreed on May 27 that indeed our neighbourhood park should be governed and run by the Vancouver Park Board as opposed to the PNE, I was elated. I know, however, that this is only one step in the right direction and with Vision Vancouver members sitting on the PNE board of directors, the future is still very uncertain.

The PNE can be part of Hastings Park just like the Vancouver Aquarium is part of Stanley Park. But, how can it be that for so long, land deeded to the city as park land has not been run by our park board? I am not aware of similar community struggles at Stanley Park, Trout Lake or Queen Elizabeth Park. Would residents of those neighbourhoods be OK with a corporation being in charge of the land use at their city park?

Would they be complacent having very little green space in a park deeded to the city as green space? Is this even legal according to the Vancouver Charter?

The park land should be governed by our park board.

Tracy Spring, Vancouver

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