We are prepared for coronavirus, Horgan said at Chinese New Year lunch in Richmond

Premier John Horgan was joined by hundreds of people on Tuesday for a Chinese New Year luncheon at a restaurant in Richmond -- although the timing wasn’t great, given that the first positive case of the coronavirus in B.C. had been confirmed just hours earlier.

Despite concerns about a large gathering helping spread the disease, many people still showed up for the celebration. 

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Horgan noted that the patient’s management of his illness was perfect, which helped health authorities contain the disease.

“He contacted health officials and advised them that he was coming in for testing. The health officials were prepared for his arrival.

“Citizens need to know the public health authorities are working closely with the federal government and other officials to make sure that if any cases break out in British Columbia, we are prepared for that.”

Horgan also suggested that if people feel symptoms, they should stay at home. And if they have symptoms when they arrived back in Canada, they should contact health authorities, let them know and take appropriate procedures to protect not just themselves, but also the broader community. 

As news spread quickly that a coronavirus case had been confirmed in B.C., hundreds of Richmondites rushed out to buy face masks. However, Horgan advised people should focus more on good hygiene.

“I would focus on the hand sanitizer. Washing your hands first and foremost,” said Horgan.

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