1 in 3 women suffer from incontinence; this pelvic guru can help in less than 30 days

Kim Vopni, aka The Vagina Coach, teaches women how to regain and maintain their pelvic floor strength—and their confidence—through her pelvic floor fitness program known as Kegel Mojo.

“Most women simply don’t talk about it. It is a taboo topic and I am on a mission to change that,” says Vopni, owner of Pelvienne Wellness, an online business that offers pelvic health programs for women in pregnancy, motherhood and menopause.

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 “So many women suffer in silence and accept pelvic floor challenges as ‘normal’ after childbirth or as they age,” she says. “Incontinence is very treatable and I want women to know they can live a leak-free life.”

Vopni first realized how many women were struggling with incontinence when she became pregnant 15 years ago. As she researched how to avoid it, she realized there was a lack of education and awareness about proactive and restorative strategies for the pelvic floor. 

“Pads, drugs and surgery seem to be the most known options but they are not solutions; they simply address the symptoms and don’t address the cause,” she says, adding one of her recent participants has finally ditched the pads after using them for 10 years.

Evidence suggests that about 30 per cent of women suffer from incontinence and approximately 50 per cent have some degree of organ prolapse.

“Organ prolapse occurs when the bladder, uterus, or rectum move out of their optimal position and bulge or descend into the vagina,” Vopni says. “This can create discomfort, painful sex, difficulty voiding and is a huge blow to a woman’s confidence. It affects so many aspects of a woman’s life yet most have never heard of the condition until they find out they have it.”

Vopni uses exercise, lifestyle coaching and education to improve women’s lives by giving them the knowledge and the power to take back control of their pelvic health.

Her 28-day pelvic floor fitness challenge—Kegel Mojo—is delivered via a specially-designed app that reminds women to do their pelvic floor exercises, gives them the daily workout and involves gamification that has users collecting points as they complete each step. Points are redeemed for bonus education, giveaways and coaching.

The program runs bi-monthly and is designed for women looking to prevent, reduce or eliminate symptoms such as back pain, incontinence and prolapse. By day 15, she says many of her clients report a reduction or elimination of their symptoms.

“Exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor are so important in pregnancy, postpartum and as we age,” Vopni says. “Typically women are told ‘go home and do your kegels’ but they do not receive any instruction on how to do them properly.”

In order for kegels to work, they need to be done correctly, they must be done consistently and they need to be co-ordinated with movement, which Vopni says is the biggest missing link.

Using her experience as a physical trainer, her training as a doula and her work with a uro-gynecologist, Vopni brings a well-rounded approach to her work and has many tools in her toolbox.

“My clients get personalized treatment, through online coaching and video-conferencing and daily coaching in the app. They’re blown away by how life-changing it truly is,” she says.

If you’d like to find out more about Kim Vopni and her services, head to vaginacoach.com, or email kim@vaginacoach.com. You can also find her on Instagram @vaginacoach or on Facebook.

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