5 BIG benefits of screen doors

Screen doors are one of the most popular accessories you can add to your home. And with new screen technology and a host of customizable solutions from innovative companies such as Wizard Industries, you don’t need to sacrifice security or style.

“A lot has changed in the industry in the past decade,” says Darrell Bedford of Wizard Screensin Vancouver. “Our screen doors are fully customizable and very secure. A lot of people are surprised to hear that.”

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Wizard Industries have been leading innovators in their field for the past fifteen years. Based in Vancouver, they have operations in Victoria and Calgary and are the largest screen door manufacturer in Western Canada. With products such as their RetractaView Rectangular Screensand SecuraViewscreens, which are built with high tensile marine grade stainless steel mesh and set in a heavy duty aluminum frame, they’re changing the way consumers think about screen doors and other home accessories.

Still not sure a screen door is right for you? Consider these reasons why it might be time to lighten up your home with a premium screen:

1.     Screens allow cool, fresh air to circulate in your home, improving air quality.

2.     Screens cool your house in summer without electricity and without emitting harmful emissions.

3.     Less hydro means lower energy costs when temperatures soar.

4.     Screens allow you to open up your interior to the outside world without having insects and other unwanted guests entering your home.

5.     Modern screens like SecuraView from Wizard Industries allow you to enjoy the sounds of nature without worrying about intruders entering your home while you sleep. 

Whether you live in a townhouse or an apartment, Wizard Industries can customize their products to suit your needs.

For more information about premium screen doors, awnings and other home accessories, from Wizard Screens, call 604-299-4426, or visit their website.

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