5 reasons to choose iron for your next railing

Ali Mozaffari and his brothers founded Iron Age Manufacturing in 1997 as a place to design, fabricate, and install iron and other metal work features and railings. Conveniently located on Boundary Road in Vancouver, Iron Age Manufacturing has clients in B.C., Manitoba, and even Seattle.

The company has been chosen by Van Dusen, UBC, Surrey Memorial Hospital, and BCIT to create water features, railings, and other design elements because of Iron Age Manufacturing’s reputation as a high quality fabricator and installer.

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We asked Ali for five reasons why a homeowner would choose iron over wood or other material for their garden or indoor railings.

1.     Iron is durable

“All materials look good when they’re new,” Ali says. “But with a professional finish and polish, iron work will last for centuries.”

2.     There’s less maintenance

“If you construct a fence out of wood, for example,” Ali explains, “you know that because of the moisture in the Vancouver air that weathers the material, you will need to paint or repair that fence every three to five years. With iron, it needs a wipe down every so often, but that is the extent of the maintenance. Less work, less cost.”

3.     Iron looks better

“There is no comparison in looks between an iron railing and a wooden fence,” Ali notes. “The metal is beautiful and you can accent it with other materials, such as glass, if you want.”

4.     Iron is versatile

“With iron, your design is limited only by your – or our – imagination,” says Ali. “Iron is easier to form and shape into any design you want.”

5.     Enjoy a unique design

 “At Iron Age Manufacturing,” Ali explains, “we’re not limited by molds or pre-fabricated designs. We can take your idea and help you create a stunning yet functional piece.”

For more information on Iron Age Manufacturing Ltd. and their custom railings, call 604.876.0914, visit the website, email, or visit the shop at 2755 Boundary Road, Vancouver. Iron Age Manufacturing can also be found on Facebook.

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