5 tips for improving SEO in Vancouver

There’s a reason why businesses are investing in their digital marketing strategies: SEO positions your website high in search engine results so that prospective customers can easily discover your content. Although there’s some initial groundwork required to achieve good SEO, the end result is a free-flow of organic traffic to your website.

Here are a few strategies to help boost your SEO in Vancouver.

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1. Use a keyword research tool. Keyword tools such as kwfinder.com help you find a list of keywords that your content can easily rank for.

2. Think about voice search. Voice-activated digital assistants are a big trend. In 2016, 20 percent of searches were by voice. This means that long tail keywords mostly in the form of questions have attained greater importance. Content that includes questions and answers could match up with voice searches that tend to be full sentence queries.

3. Use SEO plugins. In addition to easy website navigation, your web pages need optimized titles and descriptions that grab people’s attention in search results and draw in organic clicks. Plugins such as Yoast (for WordPress) automatically analyze your content and make suggestions for optimizing it. For instance, the tool may recommend that you include the focus keyword in the title and in the first sentence of your text. Yoast will also make suggestions for internal website links. Alternatively, you could seek SEO services in Vancouver.

4. Obtain quality backlinks. Quality backlinks from relevant sources can help boost SEO for Vancouver organizations, helping solidify your website’s reputation as a reliable information source.

5. Produce video content. If you’re a Vancouver business looking to reach target consumers, YouTube may be a great avenue to explore. It functions as a huge search engine, and posting videos there could connect you with new customers and direct them to your website.

A comprehensive SEO strategy takes the unique qualities and needs of each website into account. SEO services in Vancouver, like those provided by Glacier Media Digital, will identify effective keywords and correct shortcomings inhibiting good search engine placement. Contact Glacier Media Digital today to discover how to improve your search rankings.

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