5 tips for starting your own organic garden

Not only is planting your own garden a way to enjoy Vancouver’s warmer days, but it’s also a way to add fresh fruits and vegetables to your favourite home recipes, grill outs, and lunchboxes. Here, Vancouver’s original natural food store offers tips for building your own organic garden.

Start composting

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“Nutrient rich soil is ideal for planting organic seeds,” says Daniel, from the produce department at Famous Foods. “Adding compost to soil, especially organic matter, will improve the structure of the soil and encourage the growth of healthy roots.” To create nutrient-dense soil, layer leaves, grass, manure, and organic food waste with dirt. Turn the soil on a regular basis. If you’re lacking space, purchase a small compost bin. “With eco-friendly home compost bins, it’s so easy and economical to create your own gardening soil,” says Daniel.

Pick plants

When the climate in Vancouver is right for growing delicious produce, you can plant fresh fruits and vegetables in a variety of shapes and colours. Famous Foods will supply you with the essential organic seeds for growing kale, tomato, onion, potato, beans, zucchini, squash, cucumber, herbs, and more. Choosing to grow organic produce is a great way to bring safe and healthy food to your table!

Water well

Ensure that your plants are adequately watered daily at the seedling stage. Tip: Water the plants in the early morning before temperatures rise to avoid losing water to humidity.

Follow the sun

Choosing the best spot for your garden is also very important. Set up your organic garden in a location with as much sun exposure for vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beans and corn. Delicate leafy greens are best grown in areas with more shade to avoid drying of the plant.

Make friends

Even with the most sound of gardening advice, starting your own organic garden may not be easy. Get to know your local seed supplier, like Famous Foods, so they can provide you with additional assistance. Chat with other shoppers. You might even meet someone willing to test your first batch of homemade zucchini bread!

Planting your own fruit and vegetable garden is much easier with the right guidance. For more information, find Famous Foods online and on Facebook.

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