A grocer from the good old days: Vancouver’s original natural and bulk food store

80 years ago, the grocery store industry in Vancouver was quite different than what you see today. Now you’ll find many grocers, large and small, offering organic, natural and wholesome foods. Since the 1930’s, Famous Foods has been a pioneer in the health food scene in Vancouver, selling grains, beans, flours, and spices from all over the world. Back in those days, grocers offered friendly, affordable, and community-focused service. You’ll find those same values at Famous Foods today.

Famous Foods was, and is, different than other grocers. “We have always been the spot in town to shop for bulk and natural foods such as flours, grains, beans, spices, and herbs, says Cam Bruce, owner of Famous Foods. Back in the day, customers chose a grocer based not only on the products sold in store, but also the people working in the store and the level of service offered. While Famous Foods currently carries over 1,000 bulk items, they’re still happy to source specialty items that are hard to find.

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In a land of large-scale chains, Famous Foods is independently owned and operated. Many customers are greeted by name; the Famous Foods motto is “big enough to serve you—small enough to know you.” Famous Foods focuses on giving back to the community, by supporting local organizations and neighborhood schools. Famous Foods is also committed to offering environmentally friendly options and locally made products.

Famous Foods is a contemporary business. From keeping up with the latest health trends, to engaging with customers through social media, Famous Foods continues to be at the forefront of an ever changing grocery industry.

Visit the Famous Foods website, or their Facebook page.

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