Beijing-born Vancouver realtor knows the differences between global luxury real estate markets

Customer service is first in the east, where marketing wins in the west, says Lisa Sun

Lisa Sun, a Vancouver-based luxury realtor, says that there are huge differences in real estate philosophy between Canada and China. Sun grew up in Beijing and subsequently moved to Canada, where she had the opportunity to see these surprising differences head on. Sun says that her background enables her to give her clients the best of both worlds.

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"In China, the customer comes first, and a relationship is developed," Sun says. "Whereas in Canada, the marketing is prioritized and done so skillfully."

"I specialize in marketing luxury homes. Luxury marketing is not a set strategy, it is a unique strategy tailored to each client’s needs,”explains Sun, saying that she doesn't just sell a house, she sells the idea of the type of lifestyle a person could have in a certain home.

Sun and her team invite property viewers to fully immerse themselves in homes through the means of 16-page magazine quality brochures, video tours, and professional photo galleries. They also offer 3D Matterport services – "which is almost like a google maps tour of the inside of a house," she says. "You can walk into the home virtually, go through each room, look at the art on the walls."

Sun is passionate about expanding her services to clients outside of West Vancouver, saying, "Luxury marketing is the West Van standard, but I haven't seen it much outside of that area… I want to change that. “

On top of her Western marketing strategies, Sun is very passionate about making sure she approaches customer service the Chinese way – one-stop shop full-service approach.

"Lots of my non-Chinese realtor friends, they sell a house and don't see those clients again. I hold my clients' hands every step of the way. I expect to build and maintain a relationship with them," Sun says. "Five years down the road after the sale, it's completely normal for me to help a client pick out new furniture for their home, arrange for home maintenance appointments or help register their children for private school. I am hands-on."

On top of lifelong customer service, Sun speaks Mandarin, and is very experienced in helping Chinese immigrants understand the Canadian real estate market. She also makes sure all of her listings are advertised on JuWai, one of the biggest Chinese real estate platforms, which gets over 300 million page views a month.

"I just really like people," Sun says, "and real estate is about building trust and relationships. My job is to connect with buyers and sellers and truly understanding what they need to help find them their dream home.”

To learn more about Lisa Sun, head to or call her at 778-989-4827. You can also follow her on Instagram

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