Children learn fundamentals at Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics.

The Summer Olympics bring them to Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics.  As the most watched televised sport, families are inspired to enrol their children in the gym, perhaps with an eye for preparing for future games.

But when it comes to Phoenix’s Gymnastics For All Programs for children, the focus is based on the Fun, Fitness and Fundamentals philosophy, according to Maree Hall, the Gymnastics For All Program Manager.

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“With the Gymnastics For All Program, our focus is on teaching the fundamentals of gymnastics.” Hall explains. The club does keep an eye on students who excel, but that isn’t the focus of the recreational program, she says.

 “The coaches are aware of, and make note of children who might be particularly talented, and follow a process of recommendation,” Hall adds. “Our aim is that the children will learn sound basic skills while having fun, possibly developing a passion for the sport and potentially continuing for some years to come.”

Participating in physical activity is particularly important these days for children, especially considering the amount of time children spend in front of a screen and on their devices, she says.

The Gymnastics For All Program takes a multi-movement approach to teaching students, which involves exploring and repeating skills in a variety of movement patterns. Gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills, and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness which gives children a sound foundation for all sports.

Phoenix Gymnastic soffers Parent & Tot classes from six months to three years old, independent classes for preschoolers, and classes for school-aged children, teens and adults. Phoenix also has camps for winter, spring and summer breaks, as well as Pro-D Days.

There are Drop Ins for children who have mastered walking to those in their early teens. And for those nights when parents would like a little time to themselves, there are Parents’ Night Out evenings for kids ages five to 10.

The Gymnastics For All Program offers a variety of activities for children at every level, and Hall recommends parents start them early.

“It is so important to introduce children to physical activity from a very young age,” she says.

For more information on the recreational program, contact the club by email, phone 604-737-7693 or check out their website. Vancouver Phoenix Gymnastics’ Millennium Sports Facility is at 4588 Clancy Loranger Way in Vancouver, and St James Community Centre 3214 West 10th Avenue.  Phoenix Gymnastics can also be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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