Denture Cleaning: 5 expert tips you need to know

Cleaning your dentures is as important as cleaning your natural teeth; however, dentures require a very different approach to hygiene and maintenance than natural teeth do.

And the wrong cleaning practices can lead to serious health risks.

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“Cleaning your dentures is very important,” says Kerrisdale Denture Clinic denturist Giao Le. “Not only will it help maintain the overall health of your mouth, it will prolong the life of your dentures. But there are a number of cleaning methods you should avoid.”

Like toothpaste and tooth brushes, for example.

“The toothpaste and brush will leave scratches on the dentures where bacteria can grow,” says Le. “You should never use them to clean your dentures.”

Here are a few more cleaning tips from Giao that will help prolong the life of your dentures and keep your mouth safe:

1. Dish soap is good for more than dishes:Unlike a lot of household cleaners, liquid dish soap is a safe and effective product to use to clean your dentures.

 “You should always consult your denturist before using a particular soak or cleaning solution,” Le advises. “It’s important to make sure that whatever you’re using isn’t harmful to your type of denture.”

2. Don’t use bleach with metal:Bleach will corrode the metal components on your partial dentures and should never be used to clean them.

3. Relines: Denture relines may be of weaker material than the original used to make your dentures. Always consult with your denturist after each reline for the best cleaning methods.

4. No Harsh Scrubbers:Dentures are prone to scratches and abrasion. Toothpaste can also be too abrasive for the dentures. Use a denture brush and cleaning material instead.

5. Mouthwash: It might help freshen your breath, but it’s useless for soaking your dentures in.

“Mouthwash seems like it would be useful, but it really does nothing,” says Le. “Save it for your mouth. And always remember to thoroughly brush with a denture brush and rinse your dentures before and after a soak.”

Denture cleaning products are available in most stores. Always remember to check with your denturist before using any cleaning product on your dentures.

For more information on how to safely clean your dentures, visit Kerrisdale Denture Clinic’s website,send them an email, call 604-263-7478, or drop by their location at 2152 West 41st Avenue. 

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