Dentures: 5 reasons you might need them

While losing your teeth is a natural, inevitable part of life, there’s no telling when it’s going to happen. People can lose their teeth when they’re relatively young for a variety of unforeseen reasons, or keep them until the final stages of life.

“My friend’s grandfather just lost his teeth in 2015,” says Kerrisdale Denture Clinic denturist Giao Le. “He was 90 years old. It’s completely different for everyone.”

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Regardless of how you lose your teeth, however, you’re probably going to need dentures.

With that in mind, we put together the top 5 reasons to visit the denturist:

Accidents: If you just went face-first over the handlebars of your mountain bike and you lost one or more teeth, partial dentures are the easiest and most economical solution.

Your job depends on it:Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, literally grew up on film. Unfortunately, during the filming for one of the movies, her baby teeth fell out. The solution? Replace them with dentures. Hockey players have long since popularized dentures, particularly when transitioning from player to commentator. The iconic gap-toothed Canadian grin just doesn’t work as well behind a microphone.

You don’t want to wait- and you don’t want it to hurt a lot:Scheduling an appointment with a dental surgeon and then having dental implants prepared takes months longer than simply going to a denturist such as Giao Le at Kerrisdale Denture Clinic. Not only are dentures much quicker to make, they’re far less painful to implement.

Cost: Partial dentures are far more affordable than a bridge or crown.

Your teeth are decaying: The single biggest determining factor in losing one’s teeth is improper dental hygiene. Plaque leads to tooth loss, and it builds up when you don’t brush and floss regularly. When that happens, dentures are often the most viable option.

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