Fly off in comfort to Hong Kong and Taiwan with China Airlines A350

With the introduction of the new China Airlines A350-900 flight, travelling to and between Hong Kong and Taiwan can be almost as much fun as the vacation itself.

Introduced in August 2016, the China Airlines A350-900 features three sections – premium business, premium economy, and economy – so there's a seat to fit just about every requirement and budget. All seats offer a personal TV screen, reclining seats, and an adjustable headrest for maximum comfort, while seating in the premium business section folds down to offer a full-length bed.

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After takeoff, the elegant galley space in the middle of the premium business section transforms into Sky Lounge, a walk-up and self-service bar area for business class passengers. Sky Lounge offers a selection of tea, coffee, wine, and snacks along with reading material.

Interweaving a touch of both Western and Eastern cultures, the China Airlines A350-900 offers a spacious and quiet interior with an inspired cabin design and soft mood lighting for superior comfort. Delicious, high-quality snacks and meals and vintage wine will get you in the mood for a unique Asian vacation.

But it's not all about luxury and comfort. The China Airlines A350-900 features the latest aerodynamic design to give fuel efficiency as well as a faster, smoother flight. Offering the latest in aviation technologies, the A350-900 manages to achieve a 25 percent reduction in fuel emissions, making it a little more environmentally friendly.

In-cabin entertainment includes movies and music, along with wifi, e-books, shopping, games and a USB outlet. The outside of the plane is designed to highlight some of the many exotic and beautiful birds that can be seen in Taiwan.

With frequent flights between Taipei and Hong Kong, the China Airlines A350-900 makes it possible to experience the culture, food, and amazing scenery of both cities all in the same day. China Airlines A350-900 can also connect you to Europe and North America as the start or destination of your trip.

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