How to plan a funeral as special as your loved one

At Forest Lawn Funeral Home, they believe that every life is a unique story; one that deserves to be told in a fitting tribute.

Catching someone’s essence in a single ceremony is what Forest Lawn does best. After over five decades of providing funeral, cremation and cemetery services to families, it continues to be a trusted name that families can put their faith and confidence in. From pre-funding and planning to providing bereavement and counselling services, Forest Lawn Funeral Home designs its services to make one of the most personal and challenging stages of life as stress-free as they possibly can.

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The empathetic and personable staff at Forest Lawn Funeral Home are often tasked with organizing thoughtful ceremonies and services that captures the soul, spirit, and nature of a loved one.

“When somebody decides that they’d like to pre-arrange their funeral, they meet with one of our family service advisors,” Andrew Knapman, the manager at Forest Lawn Funeral Home, said. “Those are people who are specially trained and well versed in assisting people with those tough decisions that may come with pre-arranging a funeral,” he said.

By using in-house resources like the Personal Planning Guide and the Imagine Book, families at Forest Lawn Funeral Home get assistance with picturing what their funeral will look like. “The Personal Planning Guide enables them to pass their wishes on so that their loved ones know, after they’ve passed away, that this is exactly what they would have wanted,” Knapman said. The family advisors at Forest Lawn Funeral Home help work out the fundamental basics of funeral services, so that families can focus on the special, unique aspects that will capture the essence of their loved one.

To find out more about Forest Lawn Funeral Home, visit, call 1-800-34-DIGNITY or call 604-299-7720. 

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