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The Lower Mainland is home to some incredible restaurants featuring cuisine from around the globe. One country prominently represented on the area’s food scene is India.

India’s many provinces have drastically different food styles, many of which are the focus of the Lower Mainland’s eateries. There are South Indian Dosa houses, restaurants featuring North Indian curries and vegetarian Indian restaurants.

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While many of these establishments serve traditional recipes in decidedly traditional settings, others have added contemporary West Coast flair to their offerings. Here, the recipes include fusion ingredients and the décor has a more modern aesthetic.

Those not familiar with Indian cuisine, or those wanting to learn more about it, can brush up on their knowledge on the Vancouver Courier’s IndoFlavours website. Here you can find a vlog that shares the history of butter chicken and an article that lists the best Indian dishes from each region.

The website also includes a directory of the top Indian restaurants in the area—because with all of the choices available, it can be challenging to decide where to go for a meal!

The Indo-Flavours Marketplace is your one-stop-shop for exotic flavours, whether you prefer the mild, or the heavily spiced!

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