Low-cost dentures: you get what you pay for

Like most consumer products, the quality of dentures depends heavily on the quality of the materials used to make them. However, because so few of us are familiar with denture manufacturing processes, particularly the first time buying prosthetic teeth, it can be hard to tell how well a set of dentures were made.

“If the dentures are made in 5 days, it’s a pretty bad sign,” says Kerrisdale Denture Clinic denturist Giao Le. “With low-cost dentures, the price is always reflected in the poor form and function of the product.”

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Complete dentures should last 5 years, says Le, but cheaply made dentures will wear out faster and be less comfortable along the way. How the dentures are prepared before insertion is also an important factor, according to Le. Denture teeth are melded to the acrylic gum framework and have no chance of coming loose, for example. And the increase in quality adds to the cost.

“One patient has a habit of chewing ice,” says Le. “He was used to seeing a denturist every 18 months because by then, he had dull, flat, teeth. We gave him higher-end teeth and now we see him every 3 years.”

Lower cost dentures, or economy dentures, also make use of materials that become stained more easily. And they don’t look as natural because they aren’t available in as many shades as higher quality dentures are.

Ask your denturist where the material for the dentures comes from, says Le. If it originates in Germany, that’s a sign of higher quality. Conversely, materials originating in China is typically used in low-cost dentures.

“Our dentures provide superior form and function,” says Le, “because we want you to have a better smile and an enjoyable eating experience.”

For more information on how to pick the right dentures for your lifestyle, visit Kerrisdale Denture Clinic’s website,send them an email, call 604-263-7478, or drop by their location at 2152 West 41st Avenue.

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