Medical cannabis company seeks to raise quality

The laws governing the sale of cannabis products are strict, but according to consultant Tony Antal, who works with the B.C.-based cannabis business Pure Pulls, the quality of the product itself is largely unregulated.

“You, and the vendors, mostly don’t know the strength of what you’re getting, how the oils have been extracted and what they might be combined with, and where the original plants are from,” he says. “There’s no transparency, and that’s a problem for consumers.”

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So two friends – an engineer and a designated grower – decided to do something about it, and created Pure Pulls.

First, there’s the issue of extraction.

“Usually, oils are extracted from the flower using solvents like butane and ethanol. Afterwards, the solvent is removed, but that always leaves some residue,” explains Antal. “Pure Pulls has a CO2 extraction machine (a similar kind of machine that’s used in the perfume industry). This removes all the oil from the flower, without there being any residue or by-products left behind – it’s just pure oil.”

In theory, it’s the cleanest and safest approach in the industry. After extraction, Pure Pulls re-introduces terpenes (the compounds that give different cannabis strains different flavours) from the original flower back into the oil, and that’s what gets sold to customers.

As well as cleaner extraction methods, Pure Pulls numbers and tests every batch of product it produces to ensure both the purity and the strength. They also make refillable and disposable vape kits, which are light and discreet. Their oils are odourless, and the literature on vaping cannabis suggests that it limits carcinogens, compared with smoking. All oils are extracted from plants grown in B.C.

“The company founders’ goal is really to apply the same standards to cannabis as makers of food or cosmetics are committed to,” says Antal. “People are – rightly – concerned about what they put on and in their bodies, and where that comes from. Why shouldn’t that apply to cannabis, too?”

Pure Pulls products are available at local dispensaries. For more information, visit


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